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Braces  are used to correct “bad bites,” or malocclusion (teeth that are crowded or crooked) At Keem Smile Dentistry Houston, we are committed to providing you with the highest standard of braces treatment. If you have misaligned teeth, an overbite or under bite and would like to straighten your teeth, Our Dentist will first and foremost, understand your needs, thoroughly assess your dental health and discuss preferred treatment options with you. We provide our patients with a detailed treatment plan before commencing on any dental work.


Treatment For Children

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children be seen by the orthodontist at age seven. This is an ideal time to start treatment for children with misaligned teeth or any other orthondotic probelems. The time is not necessarily based on age, but on the stage of the child’s development.

Certain problems, like jaw underdevelopment, may require treatment at the tender age of seven, with a second stage of orthodontics after all their permanent teeth come in. Whatever age your child begins treatment, we will ensure that they receive the best treatment that they require.

Merits of Early Treatment

The main goal is to begin treating orthodontic problems at an earlier age, while a child’s teeth and jaws are still developing and before the orthodontic situation gets worse. In the long run, getting braces early will make the entire process shorter, cheaper, and less complicated.

By visiting us for early consultation, your child can avoid a number of different orthodontic problems. Early treatment can:

  • Improves the relationship of the upper and lower jaws.
  • Utilizes the maximum advantage of the child’s growth.
  • The bone is more pliable, and teeth move more easily.
  • Moves protruding teeth back so that they will be less susceptible to injury.
  • Improves facial appearance and self-esteem.
  • Patient is cooperative and enthusiastic at this age.
  • Helps reduce chance of removing permanent teeth later.
  • Reduce length of time wearing full braces.

What are Dental Braces?

“Dental braces, or orthodontic appliances, are devices used by dental professionals to straighten crooked teeth or correct a misaligned bite”. It helps to re position the teeth with an aim to correct the bite and result in a beautiful smile. It works by placing constant pressure on each tooth to move them to the desired position. 


Treatment For Adults

Does the word braces call to mind a teenager with a mouth full of metal? If so, it’s time to rethink that picture. Many people think  orthodontic appliances are meant only for children and teenagers. The truth is more adults than ever are choosing to improve their smile through realignment. Crowded or overlapping teeth can be difficult to clean, making tooth decay and gum disease more likely and as such, These problems raise more than cosmetic concerns.

Although orthodontics is similar for adults as for children, they’ve gotten better for everyone. There are numerous options for braces that are less noticeable and easier to maintain.

Types of Braces



Invisalign is a popular removable brace that uses clear aligners to straighten teeth. Without a trace of metal it gently moves teeth using a series of transparent plastic aligners. Your Invisalign aligners will be custom-made just for you, and each one will move your teeth little-by-little.

Because there are no metal wires or brackets, Invisalign is very discreet. Best of all, you can take your brace out to enjoy all the foods that would be difficult to eat with a fixed brace on. Just make sure you wear your brace for a minimum of 20 hours each day.

Lingual Braces

The invisible alternative for patients who don’t want to wear braces or when  Invisalign is not an option. Lingal Braces are Placed behind your teeth making them totally invisible. No one will know that you are wearing them unless you tell them 

Incognito is a revolutionary system that can treat the most complicated cases. The brackets and wires are custom made for each patient, using advanced CAD CAM technology, thus ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort. However minor corrections can be treated with other simple lingual type.


Ceramic Braces

Ceramic dental braces (also sometimes called white, esthetic or clear braces) are a form of conventional orthodontic appliance made up of brackets bonded to your individual teeth and an archwire that runs across them.

Their fundamental difference simply lies in the fact that the bracket used is made out of a ceramic compound instead of metal, which means that they can be clear or tooth-colored (white) instead of shiny metal. This difference helps to make the patient’s braces less obvious to others and generally more aesthetic in nature


Metal Braces

Metal braces are the traditional braces commonly worn by most people seeking orthodontic treatment. These tend to work best, but they are visible. They can be used to treat all orthodontic problems, including issues with misaligned bites or jaws and crooked teeth.

Today, metal braces are sleeker and more comfortable than they have been in the past. You can have fun with them by switching up the colors of the ligatures and they are generally less expensive than other treatment options.

From General Dentistry to Cosmetic Dentistry, Keem Smile Dentistry Offers a WIde range of Restorative and Preventive Detal Services. Our Mission is to help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile without causing a cavity in your pocket. These before-and-after photos show the results that many of our patients now enjoy after treatment. If you would like to learn more about how we an help you meet your needs, please contact us today. It will me a pleasure to Serve You.

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